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Make your house a home with uPVC Renovations. uPVC Renovations are the leading experts in all aspects of uPVC paint. Find out more about uPVC renovations and a variety of services they offer.

Where Strength Meets Style

You’re in the safest hands with uPVC experts. Serving the whole of the UK, UPVC Renovations are renowned for the outstanding workmanship at competitive prices.

Amazing renovations have arrived. uPVC window and door renovations supply and fit a whole host of premium-quality paint, completing your home perfectly. They take a no-nonsense approach, offering ten-year guarantees on all of their services.

A Name You Can Trust

Well-established in the region for delivering the highest standards on every project, uPVC Renovations carry out a variety of repairs and maintenance services to keep your installations in good condition. From fade colours to broken window sills, uPVC Renovations experts cover the lot.

There’s never been a better time to rejuvenate your house. Using top-of-the-range materials and advanced equipment, uPVC Renovations reinforce your home’s protection with efficient, durable, and reliable products that really do stand the test of time.

Keeping UPVC Clean

Refresh the look of your exteriors instantly with maintenance services provided for your UPVC products, keeping them in the very best condition. uPVC Renovations use specialist chemicals and paints to gently eradicate dirt and damage, leaving your surfaces shining. 

Solid and Resilient

Your property deserves the best in the business. uPVC Renovations can work on a variety of insurer-approved doors, which offer both durabilities as well as aesthetic charm. Their uPVC-bonded items are also highly environmentally friendly, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Get the job done on time, every time by hiring your local traders. uPVC Renovations are a team of experts who work closely with you to bring your dream plans to life. Secure by design and stylish by default, uPVC Renovations wide variety of renovations include, but aren’t limited to:

• Back doors
• French doors
• Composite doors
• Front doors
• Patio doors
• Wheelchair-friendly doors
• Bi-folding doors

The Finishing Touches

Add a little extra charm to any room. uPVC Renovations stock an assortment of accessories to complete your order. Additional components on offer include, but aren’t limited to:

• Locks
• Frames

The Wonders of Windows

Open up your property to new and improved fittings. uPVC Renovations are a team of experts who source and repaint a variety of high-quality installations. uPVC Renovations products come with 10 years guarantee as well as quality assurance.

There’s never been a better time to update your property with innovative new paint. By only highest quality paint for all services, you can rest assured that you benefit from materials that meet all British and European requirements.

Tailored to You

Your property is as individual as you are. Enjoy the more personal approach, as uPVC Renovations discuss your requirements in detail before carrying out the work. Every service is custom-built to meet your exact needs.

uPVC trusted designers are here to help find you the right tone, taking the time to discuss everything with you in detail.

Conservatory Renovations

You added much-needed space to your home. uPVC Renovations conservatory services are proud to offer long-lasting renovations to match your property’s style.

You unlocked the potential of unused areas by installing a new conservatory, but over the time the colour has changed. uPVC Renovations experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of design, materials used for your conservatory, and how to refresh the appearance. uPVC Renovations take care of all necessary elements to repaint your existing dwelling, saving you unnecessary hassle and strain.

Your conservatory needs to be strong and sturdy to weather elements. Ultraframe™ roofing systems will give your construction the protection it requires. 

Whether you have a sun lounge area or a home office, uPVC Renovations have the skills and expertise to refresh the look you deserve. 

uPVC Renovations understand the need for additional financial information and the importance of knowing the costs before requesting service. uPVC Renovations are happy to offer a quote on any of work.

Planning to buy a fitted wardrobe, such as one from https://londonwardrobes.com ? If so, you are making an excellent decision because these wardrobes are very affordable and save a lot of space. They look sleek and stylish and can be made according to your requirements.

These wardrobes are perfect for you if you have small rooms and are looking forward to creating more space. If you compare these wardrobes to pre-made standing ones, you’ll realise that they form almost three times more space.

If you’re thinking of having additional space in your room while having enough space for storing your clothes, shoes and accessories, you must read this post. Following are some points that you should consider before buying fitted wardrobes.

Consider the Growing Needs of Your Family

When it comes to choosing a wardrobe, it is imperative that you choose one that proves to be a long-term investment. Fitted wardrobes are spacious and can prove to be beneficial, even if you have a growing family. These wardrobes are durable and easy to clean and maintain because of their design. Since there is no top, you won’t have to worry about dust or dirt accumulating either.

Many people don’t invest in fitted wardrobes because then they won’t be able to take them if they relocate. However, if you are planning to settle permanently in your house, you can consider fitted wardrobes as they offer great benefits.

Consider Custom-Designed Wardrobes

If you have the option to go for customised fitted wardrobes, you can get many benefits. You can have the wardrobe designed according to the interior décor and theme of the room. You can even have the compartments made to your requirements. Thus, if you have more accessories, you can include more drawers, or if you want a separate compartment for shoes, you can have that designed too. If you are interested in certain raw materials for your fitted wardrobe, you can get them easily and have everything designed according to your preferences.

Decide on Your Budget

As with any purchase, an essential factor to consider is the budget. With fitted wardrobes, you’ll get great flexibility in terms of price as there is one for every budget. There are many companies that offer to design wardrobes at a reasonable rate and even provide pre-made fitted wardrobes at various rates.

If you have a good budget, you can easily go for a full-sized, walk-in fitted wardrobe. You could even get a company to design a fitted wardrobe for you from scratch, though it might be a bit costly. However, if you decide to design the wardrobe yourself and just have it built by a professional, it won’t be as expensive, and you will get the wardrobe you have always wanted.

Consider the Shape of the Room

Buying Fitted Wardrobes

The shape of the room plays an important role in the design of a fitted wardrobe. If you have space around the doors, you can have the wardrobes fitted there. When choosing the wardrobe doors, consider the size and theme of the room so that they complement the wall. If you want more space in the room, you can look into sliding or bi-folding doors. If you have a small bedroom, you can also choose mirrored doors so that there is no need to keep separate furniture for a mirror.

The Interior of the Wardrobe Plays an Important Role

The interior of the wardrobe should never be ignored as it will help you organise your items. A compartment will help you keep your casual clothes from mixing with the formal ones. You can also have more drawers if you have lots of jewellery or small accessories that should be kept safe. You can also have some racks designed inside the wardrobe to display items and include customised lighting options.

Many people pay attention to only the exterior and don’t give much importance to the interior. However, the interior is the one that will help you manage your stuff. Thus, it should be given adequate attention. You need to be sure that the interior meets your needs.

Always Measure the Space Available

If you’re hiring a company to design a fitted wardrobe for your room, it will take all the measurements, and you will not have to worry about a thing. However, if you are designing it by yourself, you need to know that there are many measurements that play an important role in designing a fitted wardrobe.

You have to determine whether the ceiling height is levelled in the entire room. If the ceiling is not levelled, you’ll need to make adjustments to the design of the fitted wardrobe accordingly. Similarly, you have to take measurements of the floor and make sure there are no variations in it.

Things to Discuss with the Designer

No matter which company you choose to design your fitted wardrobe, you must get some expert opinion from a lot of other designers. Recommendations also play an important role here, so if you have any friends or family who had their wardrobe made by a designer, you must consider their experience. Talk to the designer regarding everything such as the cost and duration in which the wardrobe will be complete.

Also, discuss the material that will be used in designing the wardrobe. Wood is usually used as it is a versatile and flexible material and is durable as well. Some people also use metal for designing such wardrobes, but we don’t think that is a good option because of the weight and metal’s ability to rust and produce a screeching sound when the doors open or close.


Fitted wardrobes are an excellent option if you want to keep clutter at bay and have more space in your room. These wardrobes are excellent for you if you’ve planned to settle permanently in a particular house. The fitted wardrobes are a long-term investment and add excellent value throughout the years you use them.

Fitted wardrobes can compliment any home and improve its overall appearance, too. Fitted furniture is available for your home, starting from kitchen to bedroom. They are not only space saving, but also add elegance to your home interior. Usually bespoke fitted wardrobes aren’t stocked, but they are particularly custom made for homeowners based on their requirement and need. Custom made furnishing is like a tailor measuring for a suite. Accurate measurement is made before the furniture or wardrobe is created.

The right size of the fitted wardrobe is required for your space, otherwise it can make the whole area look odd. So, it’s always smart to set up fitted wardrobe with the assistance of an expert. If not, you could have more wasted or empty space. With regards to fitted wardrobes, there are diverse models available that range from simple to exotic.

Complete measurement is taken from ceiling to floor and wall to wall so that the right place where this furniture should sit could be determined. There are various kinds of fitted wardrobes, such as enclosed wardrobes, fully closed wardrobes, wardrobes with swinging door, partially closed wardrobes and many others. A completely enclosed wardrobe that has sliding doors could keep off dirt and dust and look elegant too. Fitted wardrobes could be made based upon the size of your bedroom and when the space lacks space then it could be fitted easily into the wall.

High precision is required while setting up the wardrobe; it’s always good to look for skilled carpenters who can do it in a proficient way. Prior to installing, check the portfolio of the company or enquire about them to their past clients. Generally bespoke wardrobe cost varies from one another and it usually depends upon the dimension of the furniture, the materials used as well as its design work.

Fitted wardrobes aren’t just reasonable, but they also occupy less area and add more beauty to your home. It is highly advisable to do general research prior to begin shopping for fitted wardrobes. It’s good to keep away from low quality material or poor craftsmanship. It’s good to carry out a comprehensive research or look for a reliable manufacturer in order that you’ll end up in poor quality material and craftsmanship. Ensure that the fitted wardrobes go well with the other decoration and style of your home. Customize the designs based upon the requirement of the room. Many designers make the fitted wardrobe in a way it’s hard to distinguish the door of the wardrobe from the wall of your room.

Baskets are an easy, inexpensive way to add some eye appeal to any room of your home …including the bathroom! More expensive is custom made furniture, but on another hand, it offers much neater space.

I recently redecorated my bathroom and re-organized and cleaned up some of the clutter by putting things in baskets. This simple idea changed the whole look of my bathroom.

I purchased my baskets very inexpensively at a local discount store and a thrift store, looking for ones of different sizes and shapes. The ones from the thrift store cost about a pound, and the others, including a large one, were less than £10. The variety of sizes allows you more flexibility when placing them around the bathroom.

After I had rearranged my bedroom, I ended up with a pretty floral iron shelf rack that I didn’t have room for anymore. It fit perfectly in the bathroom in between the towel rack and the shower. Instead of just piling stuff on top if it, I arranged some of my baskets on it with things we reach for often.

The top shelf contains a medium-sized basket with rolled-up washcloths standing up in it. A small basket next to it contains my foot scrub and lotion and cuticle cream.

The second shelf has folded towels stacked on one side and a basket next to it with several kinds of lotions.

The bottom shelf has a large basket with several rolls of toilet paper (in easy reach).

If you have room, a large basket on the floor is a great place to store all of your bathroom reading material.

I also placed a small basket with my razor and shaving cream on the edge of the bathtub.

I have also seen shelves that are lined with small baskets for cosmetics, cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc.

You can even place potted plants in baskets.

I wanted to liven up my baskets just a little more, so I looked for some sort of linens to line them. At a flea market, I found a set of five antique linen napkins with crocheted edging for £5. I now have five matching basket liners!

These baskets really clean up the clutter and can give your bathroom a neater, more organised look. It’s also easier to keep clean when everything has its place.

Next step was to get custom built wardrobe. As I am living in London where is not an issue to find right provider at an affordable price. I had a home consultation with four companies and got a free estimate. I have chosen a semi-expensive fitted cabinet from the floor up to the ceiling in gorgeous white colour with mirror doors.

Hope this article provides the answers to your questions.

The living area or great room serves many functions including family togetherness, entertaining, TV watching, reading, or relaxing. The colour scheme and the decor scheme set moods for all these diverse activities. The first step in decorating your living area is to determine the mood you want your living area to convey.

Choose a focal point for your living area to convey the mood you want to achieve. This could be an intimate fireplace for a warm and cosy feel. It could be the TV if that is the main function of the living area. The focal point can be the sitting area itself for entertaining or conversation. Use an area rug to establish the sitting area as a focal point.

The colour is a very important factor. After the proper focal point is established, furniture arrangement becomes, simply placing your furniture to feature the chosen focal point. You can even choose fitted wardrobes for your living room if you are not on a budget.

Choose from warm and enlivening colour schemes or cool and relaxing colour schemes to set a mood. An easy way to create a colour scheme is to choose a fabric, print or wallpaper with colours that create the mood you want for your room. Use the same colours in the same proportions, and you will have a perfect colour scheme for your room. Try to use each colour at least three times in the room.

New looks can be given to the living area in many ways. Walls or window treatments can be changed. Blinds can replace heavy draperies for an open, airy feel. Conversely, draperies can be used to add a formal look.

Take a look at the furnishings in your living area. The arrangement should foster conversation. This can be accomplished by placing close groupings. If TV watching occurs in your living area, you will want to be sure the TV is visible from most sitting areas.

Slipcovers can spruce up or protect furniture easily and quickly. A new piece of furniture or a whole new room of furniture can be added.

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut thinking that we have accomplished our decorating goals because we were satisfied with the look at some point; I have since learned that there is no end point to decorating your home (even when your goals have been satisfied) and that it is an on-going process that requires constant assessing. Sometimes clutter will take over an area without our notice. Sometimes our interests change and what once looked good to us no longer does. We let things go and areas in our home become too dusty to be able to see any beauty whatsoever. Sometimes things get broken. These are reasons we need to constantly assess our décor.

Recently, I had been craving a new look in my home yet didn’t want to change the theme or spend a lot of money. I decided to try and clear clutter and move items around to see if that would give me the change I wanted, and, to my surprise, it did wonders and it can work for you too.

First, choose a small area of your home that is lacking beauty, cluttered or otherwise needs a lift. This area could be a tabletop, shelf, drawer, space on the floor or any area that is bothering you. You may have a lot of these areas as I did; if so, don’t try to take them on all at once, just do one little area at a time, and it will make a difference. Upon completion of each small area, you’’ll gain confidence, inspiration and motivation for completing another small area and you’’ll be spurred on to finish in no time while enjoying the process.

Once you have the area chosen, clear everything away from it. Take a look at the items you have cleared from the area and be sure you really love them, or they are useful to you. Anything that you don’t love or use is clutter and you should get rid of it right away. Pack these items into a box to give to a charity, friend or relative. If there are any broken items, throw them away. If there are items that belong elsewhere, put them away where they belong.

Wipe the surface of the area and the items you are keeping in the area with a damp rag, or clean otherwise.

Now comes the fun part. Begin experimenting with a new arrangement for this area by placing the original items, and/or other items from your home into new spots; keep experimenting until you get a pleasing look.

Here are some additional tips:

~ Add a colourful doily or table runner before replacing the items.

~ If you have created new space by clearing clutter, consider adding a basket of potpourri, a pretty scented candle or vase of fresh flowers. These items can usually fit in with any type of décor and add scent and colour.

~ If the area you are working on is a piece of furniture, consider painting, staining or re-surfacing it. I have three ugly pressed wood end tables that I am currently giving new paint treatments too. To do this, I have lightly sanded the surface, so the paint will stick, then painted different acrylic colours that coordinate with my decorating theme into each section. This alone is such a huge improvement from the ugly dark pressed wood, but I’’m also going to paint a freehand lighthouse into one of the bigger sections. Another idea to consider is to cut wallpaper or contact paper to fit into sections of furniture or to cover completely. If you have fitted wardrobes, you might consider replacing the doors; you can read more about the custom made furniture here.

~ Don’t forget your walls. You probably don’t want or need to take everything off of your walls, but you certainly can consider rearranging pictures or wall art, or, adding new ones. Maybe your walls could use a wash also; now’s the time to consider it.

~ If there are items you need to store, like remote controls, pens and pencils, a notepad, etc., find a pretty container to contain them in, such as a basket, or a hat box.

~ If a holiday is coming up, consider placing a few of your holiday decorations into the area.

~ Maybe rearranging your furniture will give you the change you need. You can also consider slip-covering your sofa or chairs for a new look.

If you feel the need for a change in your décor, but lack the money and/or motivation for a new theme, I urge you to try clearing clutter and rearranging your décor for a fresh new look; I promise it will be well worth the effort.

Decorating your home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Recycled items utilised in your home decor can save a tonne of money, not to mention landfill space. Use items you already have or shop for used items at thrift stores or yard sales.

You might be thinking that recycled items are flawed and you wouldn’t want to use them in your décor, but there are ways to hide flaws and sometimes even turn an item into a work of art! Here are some ideas

~ Paint can do wonders for décor objects; it can transform a hideous item into a beautiful one. Shop at thrift stores or look around your home for wood, terracotta or other décor elements such as boxes, containers, photo frames, planters, plaques, small wooden furniture such as a bookshelf or chair and other items, then paint them to go with your décor. You can sponge paint, use stamps or freehand designs.

To sponge paint, using acrylic paint, paint the item a complimentary colour to your décor and squirt a puddle of paint about the size of a half dollar onto newspaper. Dip part of a sponge into the paint then dab the sponge on the newspaper to take off the excess paint. Then begin dabbing the sponge onto the item. Continue until you are pleased with the results. You can sponge dark colours onto light colours and light colours onto dark colours, both with great results. This is a great method for things that may have chips, cracks or dents in it as the resulting pattern can hide flaws.

Foam stamps can be found in the craft department of any retail store or a craft store and there is a great selection so you should have no problem finding a stamp that goes with your decor. To use stamps, paint the item a solid acrylic colour that is complimentary to you decor. When dry, paint a different complimentary colour onto your chosen stamp‘s surface. Stamp newspaper to take off excess paint then press the stamp evenly onto the item in the desired position. You can continue stamping for a patterned affect or simply use one stamp as a focal point.

~ For less expensive silk floral arrangements, check your local thrift store for supplies. I always see an abundance of silk flowers, greenery and baskets for a fraction of what it would cost new. If they are a little dusty, clean them off with a damp cloth. Look for flower colours and basket styles that will compliment your décor. I have even seen blocks of floral foam that can be put inside the basket to poke the flower stems into. If you wish, spray paint the basket a new colour that will compliment your décor. Vases can also be found very inexpensive for posy displays.

~ If you have a welcome rug or other rugs that have weathered or otherwise lost its colour, you can paint over the original design with acrylic paints for a fresh new look. You can also look for weathered rugs at thrift stores and yard sales. Clean the rug first by either washing it in the washer or hand scrubbing it and hang drying. When it is completely dry, simply paint over the original design in desired colours.

~ Use colourful scarves or hankies as you would doilies on tables. If you don’t have any, they can also be found very inexpensively at thrift stores and yard sales.

~ For a magazine holder, cut the top off of a cereal box diagonally. Decorate the resulting magazine holder with paint and attach lace to the rim using hot glue.

~ To make an inexpensive but charming planter, poke holes for drainage in a cleaned coffee can. Spray paint it desired colour and add stamped or freehand designs. When dry, add soil and plant (should be a rather large plant if you are using a large coffee can).

~ Save any type of glass jar and use for flower arrangements. Add a few painted flowers or other design if you want to fancy them up. You can also use these as candle holders.

~ Sliding doors replacement, if you have a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom or anywhere in the house, you may refresh the look by replacing the door.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to use recycled items in your home as decor. If you’d like more ideas, take a trip to your local thrift store and try to imagine the possibilities of items you see; you’ll be doing yourself a favour by saving money and landfill space.

Normally by late autumn to early winter I’m not thinking much about gardening. The flower beds are put to rest and I start thinking about the holidays and holiday decorating. This year, however, I am going to add a little color to my front porch and try my hand at winter container gardening.

First you need to choose a container. Rustic wooden boxes, half barrels, oil drums, and ceramic or clay pots make great gardening containers. Depending on the extremity of your winter weather, keep in mind that some ceramic and clay pots may crack in the cold. Concrete and stone containers are the most weatherproof.

Next choose some plants that look good together. Winter pansies, trailing ivy, small evergreens, herbs, ornamental cabbages, flowering kale, primroses, dwarf deciduous hollies, and variegated yucca are all attractive winter plants that work well together. Try to pick some short, some tall, and maybe a trailing ivy for variation.
To prepare the container place some broken clay pot pieces in the bottom to allow for drainage. Add a layer of potting soil, arrange the plants, and then add more potting soil to about 1 inch from the top. When arranging the plants, place the trailing plants (e.g. ivy) around the outside edges of the container.

You can accentuate your living plants with evergreen branches leftover from Christmas decorating or other ornamental branches like spruce, cedar pine, or red-twig dogwoods. Pinecones also add some variety to your plant arrangement.

Water your winter container garden approximately once per week. It is not necessary to fertilize your plants in the winter weather. The potting soil will contain enough nutrients to get them through the winter.

In the spring you will probably want to remove the evergreens and plant them either in a larger container or in your yard. The primroses and pansies can be removed to make room for spring flowers, and the ivy and holly will remain green throughout the year and can be used to accentuate flowers during other seasons.

Try your hand at a winter container garden this year and add some color to the dark cold days ahead. Winter doesn’t have to be dull and colorless!

If you are looking to buy new furniture, then consider bespoke furniture. There are many benefits that this type of furniture has to offer. If you want to learn about the main benefits, then continue to read the rest of this article.

The main benefit of bespoke furniture is you can create it exactly how you want it created. When it comes to customization, bespoke furniture lets you get the design you want, which means you can get furniture that meets your needs. For example, you can customize the furniture’s style, appearance and size.

Bespoke FurnitureAnother benefit is bespoke furniture can save you a lot of space because you can have the furniture made to the measurements you desire. If you have a specific place where you want a piece of furniture, but traditional furniture will likely not fit in the space, then get bespoke furniture. It can be made to fit perfectly in any space, which means it won’t standout or look weird or anything of that nature. If you want to get furniture that looks perfect anywhere within your home, then do yourself a favor and get bespoke furniture.

The third benefit of this type of furniture is the maintenance involved with them. You will not have to do much to maintain the furniture or dust that gathers in gaps between walls and furniture because bespoke furniture will not create gaps when it is made to fit the space it is going in. If you want low maintenance furniture, then look no further than bespoke furniture.

Those are the key benefits that bespoke furniture offers. If you want to experience firsthand those benefits, as well as the many other ones, then order bespoke furniture today. Just make sure the company you go through is reputable and can produce bespoke furniture that is of high quality.

If you have spent multiple years in your current home, then the time has probably come that your eyes are tired of seeing the same decor and furniture over and over. In fact, your body might even be tired of sitting or laying on or in the same furniture day in and day out. The time might have come to get rid of nearly all of it in favor of new pieces. Even if your current furniture is still in great shape, you can sell it through a consignment store or donate it.

Getting custom made furniture means you can have someone create and design pieces that fit your body well, fit your budget, and fit your desired style and decor. If your current furniture has never quite fit into a pattern or layout that you like, then you can have custom made furniture created that lets you finally assemble a room in just the specific way that you want it, where everyone can be seated comfortably, have surfaces around them for remote controls, food, beverage, and phones, and yet still leave enough leg room for people to spread out and relax while also there being enough space for people to move around safely around the room.

Custom made furniture might sound like it is expensive, and to be honest, some suppliers and makers of it do charge premium prices. However, they also probably provide premium materials and options. Check around your community a little. It does not take long to find someone that works on furniture and restores it, and they can likely do some custom work for you for very comparable rates to furniture at retail stores, which often has massive shipping and transportation costs associated with its price tag.

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