Decor for the Living Area or Great Room

The living area or great room serves many functions including family togetherness, entertaining, TV watching, reading, or relaxing. The colour scheme and the decor scheme set moods for all these diverse activities. The first step in decorating your living area is to determine the mood you want your living area to convey.

Choose a focal point for your living area to convey the mood you want to achieve. This could be an intimate fireplace for a warm and cosy feel. It could be the TV if that is the main function of the living area. The focal point can be the sitting area itself for entertaining or conversation. Use an area rug to establish the sitting area as a focal point.

The colour is a very important factor. After the proper focal point is established, furniture arrangement becomes, simply placing your furniture to feature the chosen focal point. You can even choose fitted wardrobes for your living room if you are not on a budget.

Choose from warm and enlivening colour schemes or cool and relaxing colour schemes to set a mood. An easy way to create a colour scheme is to choose a fabric, print or wallpaper with colours that create the mood you want for your room. Use the same colours in the same proportions, and you will have a perfect colour scheme for your room. Try to use each colour at least three times in the room.

New looks can be given to the living area in many ways. Walls or window treatments can be changed. Blinds can replace heavy draperies for an open, airy feel. Conversely, draperies can be used to add a formal look.

Take a look at the furnishings in your living area. The arrangement should foster conversation. This can be accomplished by placing close groupings. If TV watching occurs in your living area, you will want to be sure the TV is visible from most sitting areas.

Slipcovers can spruce up or protect furniture easily and quickly. A new piece of furniture or a whole new room of furniture can be added.

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