What You Should Consider Before Buying Fitted Wardrobes

Planning to buy a fitted wardrobe, such as one from https://londonwardrobes.com ? If so, you are making an excellent decision because these wardrobes are very affordable and save a lot of space. They look sleek and stylish and can be made according to your requirements.

These wardrobes are perfect for you if you have small rooms and are looking forward to creating more space. If you compare these wardrobes to pre-made standing ones, you’ll realise that they form almost three times more space.

If you’re thinking of having additional space in your room while having enough space for storing your clothes, shoes and accessories, you must read this post. Following are some points that you should consider before buying fitted wardrobes.

Consider the Growing Needs of Your Family

When it comes to choosing a wardrobe, it is imperative that you choose one that proves to be a long-term investment. Fitted wardrobes are spacious and can prove to be beneficial, even if you have a growing family. These wardrobes are durable and easy to clean and maintain because of their design. Since there is no top, you won’t have to worry about dust or dirt accumulating either.

Many people don’t invest in fitted wardrobes because then they won’t be able to take them if they relocate. However, if you are planning to settle permanently in your house, you can consider fitted wardrobes as they offer great benefits.

Consider Custom-Designed Wardrobes

If you have the option to go for customised fitted wardrobes, you can get many benefits. You can have the wardrobe designed according to the interior décor and theme of the room. You can even have the compartments made to your requirements. Thus, if you have more accessories, you can include more drawers, or if you want a separate compartment for shoes, you can have that designed too. If you are interested in certain raw materials for your fitted wardrobe, you can get them easily and have everything designed according to your preferences.

Decide on Your Budget

As with any purchase, an essential factor to consider is the budget. With fitted wardrobes, you’ll get great flexibility in terms of price as there is one for every budget. There are many companies that offer to design wardrobes at a reasonable rate and even provide pre-made fitted wardrobes at various rates.

If you have a good budget, you can easily go for a full-sized, walk-in fitted wardrobe. You could even get a company to design a fitted wardrobe for you from scratch, though it might be a bit costly. However, if you decide to design the wardrobe yourself and just have it built by a professional, it won’t be as expensive, and you will get the wardrobe you have always wanted.

Consider the Shape of the Room

Buying Fitted Wardrobes

The shape of the room plays an important role in the design of a fitted wardrobe. If you have space around the doors, you can have the wardrobes fitted there. When choosing the wardrobe doors, consider the size and theme of the room so that they complement the wall. If you want more space in the room, you can look into sliding or bi-folding doors. If you have a small bedroom, you can also choose mirrored doors so that there is no need to keep separate furniture for a mirror.

The Interior of the Wardrobe Plays an Important Role

The interior of the wardrobe should never be ignored as it will help you organise your items. A compartment will help you keep your casual clothes from mixing with the formal ones. You can also have more drawers if you have lots of jewellery or small accessories that should be kept safe. You can also have some racks designed inside the wardrobe to display items and include customised lighting options.

Many people pay attention to only the exterior and don’t give much importance to the interior. However, the interior is the one that will help you manage your stuff. Thus, it should be given adequate attention. You need to be sure that the interior meets your needs.

Always Measure the Space Available

If you’re hiring a company to design a fitted wardrobe for your room, it will take all the measurements, and you will not have to worry about a thing. However, if you are designing it by yourself, you need to know that there are many measurements that play an important role in designing a fitted wardrobe.

You have to determine whether the ceiling height is levelled in the entire room. If the ceiling is not levelled, you’ll need to make adjustments to the design of the fitted wardrobe accordingly. Similarly, you have to take measurements of the floor and make sure there are no variations in it.

Things to Discuss with the Designer

No matter which company you choose to design your fitted wardrobe, you must get some expert opinion from a lot of other designers. Recommendations also play an important role here, so if you have any friends or family who had their wardrobe made by a designer, you must consider their experience. Talk to the designer regarding everything such as the cost and duration in which the wardrobe will be complete.

Also, discuss the material that will be used in designing the wardrobe. Wood is usually used as it is a versatile and flexible material and is durable as well. Some people also use metal for designing such wardrobes, but we don’t think that is a good option because of the weight and metal’s ability to rust and produce a screeching sound when the doors open or close.


Fitted wardrobes are an excellent option if you want to keep clutter at bay and have more space in your room. These wardrobes are excellent for you if you’ve planned to settle permanently in a particular house. The fitted wardrobes are a long-term investment and add excellent value throughout the years you use them.

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